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Old Mountain Health Center is about to change!

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Lots of exciting news at OMHC. OMHC is moving to a new location, changing its name, and adding a massage therapist.

OMHC is becoming Waynesville Wellness!!

Waynesville Wellness will be opening April 1st at the new location; 1384 Sulphur Springs Rd in Waynesville [Right off Exit 100 behind the new location for Maggie’s Galley]


The new 3500 square foot facility will offer a full Chinese medical clinic as well as massage therapy provided by the very talented Logan Labbe-Jarrell.

Also there is a large new classroom for Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Bellydance classes.  Who knows, we may even add some Yoga/Stretch Classes and/or some Zumba!

The new facility offers changing rooms, a shower, and even a sauna for use by students/patients. There are separate entrances for students and patients a waiting room and several treatment rooms.

Waynesville Wellness’s new location also has ample parking and is handicap accessible. Check out our new site, as it slowly develops

and as always check back for updates on the progress.


We are very excited to be expanding and to be in a bright new space.

As soon as we are slightly farther along we shall post a date for our Open House in the new space! It will be a great chance to come check out the new space, learn about what Waynesville Wellness has to offer and even get some Acupuncture or Chair Massage from the practitioners.

Thanks for reading,

Nate Novgrod L.Ac.

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NOTICE: No Classes Tonight, Thursday Feb. 14th

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There are no evening classes at OMHC this evening, Feb. 14th, 2013. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day and we will see you next week as classes will be back on the regular schedule.
Nate Novgrod

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Chinese New Years Celebration!!!

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Come join us at Old Mountain Health Center in Waynesville, NC on Friday, February 8th at 6 pm for a celebration of the new year according to the Chinese calendar. There will be light refreshments as well as free Community Style Acupuncture Treatments! Also, all who attend will be entered to win a free One Hour Tui Na Massage! All are welcome, bring a friend.
There may even be a movie night after…..

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Continuing Education Seminar at OMHC!

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Check out the awesome PDA / CEU class that we are hosting at OMHC in September.

Brian Moran is back to teach some wonderful adjunctive therapies.

If you need CEUs as a Massage Therapist or an Acupuncturist then this is the class for you.

22 CEUs for $300. Best deal around, and no travel if you live in the area….why go to Charlotte, Atlanta, or Raleigh to get your CEUs when you can get them right here in WNC!

Chinese Adjunctive Therapies Flyer

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Five Tigers Seminar a Success

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We had a great time out in the sunny weather here in Waynesville learning the traditional Shao Lin Staff / Spear form “Five Tigers & a Flock of Sheep”. I will post some pics soon and we have a neat video of the form for attendees so its easier to remember.

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Five Tigers Seminar Date Correction

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The staff seminar is the last weekend in April….I mistakenly stated it as the 27th and 28th but out is ACTUALLY the 28th and 29th. Sorry for the confusion.

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New ‘Tai Chi for Health Class’ at OMHC starting April 1st

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Tai Chi Health Balance Osteoporosis Memory Heart Health

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January Newsletter

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Here is the January Edition of  ‘Ancient Ways to Modern Health’

Its frigid here in Waynesville, NC and you may be suffering from joint pain, back pain, neck pain, sinus congestion, or any number of illnesses that are treatable with Moxibustion, to find out more check out the newsletter!

January2012 Old Mountain Health Center Newsletter

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Chinese New Year Celebration!

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Chinese New Year Celebration Year of Dragon Waynesville NC Old Mountain Health Center

Join Us!

FREE Acupuncture, FREE Food, and a Raffle! Don’t miss out on the fun!

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Year of the Dragon after the Coming Chinese New Year

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Year of the Dragon Chinese New YearExiting the Rabbit Hole,
Entering the Year of the Dragon
By Nate Novgrod L.Ac.

January 23rd, 2012 is the beginning of the Chinese New Year. This will ring in the year of the Water Dragon. The water phase will help cool the dragon’s natural fire.

The dragon is the fifth sign in the Chinese zodiac and the only one which is a mythical figure. Dragons are historically said to have the head of an ox, the muzzle of a donkey, the eyes of a shrimp, the horns of a deer, the body of a serpent covered in fish scales, and the feet of a phoenix. They are often portrayed grasping a pearl which is a symbol of its super-natural powers.

Dragons for the Chinese are a representation of the emperor, masculinity, and power. Dragons are associated with natural phenomenon such as thunder, rain, lightning, and whirlwinds. All of these share characteristics with the dragon; immensely powerful and very unpredictable.

After the Year of the Rabbit, a generally calm year, the Year of the Dragon will be full of energy and spirit. It should be a year of good fortune and happiness. The Chinese consider the Year of the Dragon to be a good year for marriage, having children, and starting new business ventures. Money should be a little easier to come by during this year. Though it’s best to use caution as both successes and failures will be magnified this year. There may be more surprises as well as violent natural disasters this year.

Those born in the Year of the Dragon should have an easier time making decisions as well as seeing things from the point of view of others. Dragons are generally innovative, enterprising, self-assured, braves, passionate, conceited, quick-tempered, and creative. Dragons are somewhat of free spirits. Everything they do, they do on a grand scale.

Some famous Dragons are: Calista Flockhart, Colin Farrell, Courtney Cox, Courtney Love, Julia Ormond, Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock, and Wynonna Judd.

Nate Novgrod is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Tai Chi instructor here in Waynesville. For more information check out or call (828) 283-0268.

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