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Acupuncture &  Chinese Medicine

acupuncture in NC

Providing affordable, natural treatment for a wide range of modern conditions.

Offering Treatments Utilizing:

Chinese Herbs
Tui Na [Chinese Massage]


Acupuncture Treatments:Acupuncture Needle Chinese Medicine Waynesville NC Old Mountain Health Center

After a thorough and detailed intake,  the most appropriate of several different modalities of treatment including Acupuncture, Herbs, Moxibustion, Gua Sha, and Cupping are chosen for your treatment.  Acupuncture Treatments are also offered in combination with 30 minutes of Tui Na [Chinese Massage].


Herbal Consultation:Chinese Herbs Old Mountain Health Center Waynesville NC

A thorough intake and interview will be performed so that an appropriate herbal formula can be prescribed. If a patent [pre-made pills of compressed herbs] is deemed appropriate then it will be dispensed at the time of the appointment if it is in stock. If a more personalized bulk [raw herbs] or granule [pre-processed powdered herbs] formula is written it will be drop shipped from the manufacturer directly to your address, often arriving the next day.




Tui Na Chinese Massage Old Mountain Health Center Waynesville NCTui Na [Chinese Massage]:

A service provided as a part of Private Acupuncture Treatments [shorter duration] or as a separate 30 minute or one hour Tui Na Treatments. Tui Na uses a variety of manual mobilizations and massage techniques to harmonize the body and allow it to heal itself. It is also good for general relaxation of muscle tension.



Waynesville Wellness believes in providing affordable health care.

Following this principle, Nate uses a sliding scale fee system for all his treatments.

Pay what you can safely afford to pay

without putting yourself in financial trouble

[within the scales below] while at the same time

respecting the value of the treatments offered.


Acupuncture:  $40 – $80

Acupuncture & Tui Na Massage:$70 – 125*

Herbal Consultation:  $20 – $40**

Tui Na Massage 30 mins: $30 – $45

Tui Na Massage 60 mins: $60 – $90


Payments are due at the time of service.

Payments are deposited in a drop box at the front desk after your treatment.

Please bring appropriate amounts as change is not available.

If you want a receipt then one will either be mailed to you or you can pick it up at your next appointment.
*Acupuncture Treatment w/ 30 minutes of Tui Na Massage.

**Not including the cost of Herbal Formula itself.

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